Tensioned Cable System

for mounting Solar Panels

Olympic Energy Systems, Inc. of Port Townsend, WA began R&D on its Tensioned Cable System (TCS) for mounting solar panels in 2009, eventually developing, demonstrating, patenting, and producing the G1M ground mount and R1S roof mount.

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Within a 7 year Research & Development program, the design science of tensioned cables for mounting solar panels in a low-carbon, low-impact, versatile fashion has evolved past two patents (for each of the G1 ground mount and R1 roof mount) to the commercialization of the G1M and R1S mounting systems now in production in Ohio and available anywhere.

No more drilled holes on your roof and no more searching for rafters or other structure in which to drill your lag bolt holes!  No more worry over possible leaking through or (high wind) pull out from any of dozens of penetrations.

The R1S-1 (south roof) and R1S-2 (east/west roof) are described in the TCS Demo Program handout available for review and download.

The R1S-1 Roof Mount

 - Non-Penetrating (of Asphalt, Tile, Slate, or Metal Roof)

 - Mounts 2x12P (60 cell or other) Framed PV Panels, down to 2x5P

 - Deployable Direct to Roof without cuts, bends, or locating rafters

 - Long Life (over 25 years), using stainless steel and aluminum parts

 - 90 mph Wind rating (60 mph without detachable Anchor Cables)

 - Sloped Roofs of any Pitch Angle (4/12 to 12/12)

TCS kits are generally available for roofs with gable ends and without obstructions.  TCS consultation can address unusual roof challenges for a custom, non-penetrating solar panel mounting system.  Call us.

The R1M Roof Mount is under development for the efficient non-penetrating mounting of solar panels on Manufactured Home roofs, particularly those with a curved roof, metal or other.

Our Development Timeline

The TCS G1M within 60 minutes of beginning the deployment of the DEMO, or what used to be a 3 day construction project with footers and poured concrete.  Mounts 3 solar panels.

Can be concatenated for longer rows, as 9 for a PV string.  Available now.

Innovations in Low Carbon solar panel mounting

First generation TCS R1 installed in 2011.

The R1S is derived from this same design approach and will allow large array sizes and meet high wind loading requirements.

The R1S-1 and R1S-2 (available 1Q17) are suited for metal roofs, especially those with standing seams with which clamping is not feasible, as is the situation with many pole building metal roofs, so-called "shop" roofs.