Innovations in Low Carbon solar panel mounting

Tensioned Cable System

for mounting Solar Panels

Through the use of tensioned cables arranged in certain geometries, solar panels and their associated mounting or attachment hardware can be secured to surfaces - the ground or rooftops - with no permanent foundations in the ground or penetrations through the roof membrane.

Developed in an R&D program initiated in 2009, based on experience in solar energy development since 2001, the TCS program produced two patented products for the low impact, low installed cost mounting of solar panels - G1M (ground) and R1S (roof).

The TCS mounting "deploys", as kits are ready for the installation of conventional framed solar panels, for which there are 100's of makes and models.

Minimal site prep is required for the ground mount and only local procurement of Off The Shelf rails (typically Uni-Strut) are required for the roof mount.

More information is available at the developer's website: or review the TCS Demo Program